Use LinkedIn to Your Job Searching Advantage


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LinkedIn can be a useful asset when it comes to looking for your next employment opportunity. It is a priority resource for Recruiters and if you are serious about changing jobs it is important for you to get noticed by the right consultants who can help build your career.

Follow our recommendations to make you stand out from the crowd

  • First impressions count / Add a professional photograph to show that you mean business and are someone that can be taken seriously. Whether it's you in action at work or even just a selfie, this doesn't necessarily matter; just avoid those trend filters where possible. People like to look at someone they can relate to. 
  • Treat it like your virtual online CV and update your profile. Add your employment history and highlight your key responsibilities and skills developed within that role and also add such skills as separate entities so you can be endorsed by your connections. Note, add keywords within the body of your history so you will appear in potential searches.
  • Promote yourself: update your headline with something intriguing such as what you're looking for/wanting to achieve, even if it's niche. 
  • Network. Connecting with previous colleagues, friends or school/university or alumni is a great start as they can vouch for your skill set and endorse you. Connect with relevant recruitment consultants/department members of companies or sectors you're interested in or even those you've met during events. Although there's no magic number when it comes to connections, it does help to be seeking those that would be potentially beneficial and even sending them a message expressing your interest as this can suggest you're keen and take a proactive approach.
  • Influence: sharing can be caring when it comes to being noticed. Follow particular influencers/content hashtags to find articles that are of interest and relevance to your desired field, which gives you the opportunity to then share and demonstrate your knowledge. 
  • Fancy going that extra mile? Customise your URL and add it on to your CV/online applications to reinforce your use of the platform. This can be changed via 'Edit public profile & URL'; edit the last part accordingly and save.   
  • Availability: want to be contacted? Add the necessary information such as email address so connections can easily get in touch. Also head to the Career Interests section within the Job tab and let recruiters know you're interested in new roles by selecting 'Open to Opportunities'. 


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