Improve Your Chances of Being Employed by a Recruitment Agency


Katie Landon Advice

Employment Businesses have access to a wide selection of candidates with the same skill set – So how can you make sure that you are the one selected for the role?


Number 1 in the desirability column, reliability is the most cherished aspect of a worker.

Whether you are looking for a temp or perm position, we look for proof of dependability in a number of ways and this will have a direct influence on the opportunities you are offered.  How does your wok history stand up?  We look to see how long you stay in your role and your reasons for leaving.  Don’t be disheartened if you have been on temp assignments, showing that you get regular work and stay the duration of the assignments shows flexibility and commitment and this is just as valuable in the current job market, also make sure that you leave companies on good terms and that you are able to use them as a reference for your next post.

We understand that absences will happen and emergency situations will arise, however these should be the exception not the norm and definitely don't call or email in with a transparent excuse.  All absences are recorded and lies are easily detected.  You would be surprised how many stories we hear and guarantee it won’t be the first that month or even week – these are tedious and damage working relationships.

Trust is a huge factor between an employer and their staff; it can take time to build but it's invaluable once established, therefore any candidate that has already shown how reliable they are, the higher on the shortlist they'll be.

Positive Work Ethic

Those that demonstrate a positive and consistent work ethic are a valuable asset to any company. We have a number of clients who have asked for candidates back due to their positive responsiveness to tasks and punctuality alone. Not every role is going to need someone to uplift the morale of their entire workforce or implement radical changes, but showing willing in  the role and that you can positively adapt when required is a great plus. 


We understand flexibility can be a bit of a luxury, but those who tend to show more willing towards assignments and are open to a variety of environment settings will be a go-to candidate for a consultant. If you're open to a selection of opportunities, make it known to the agency so they can make a note of it on your file and increase your likelihood of being selected for the hot new role that's just landed on someone's desk. Even if it means you're willing to travel that little bit further, let us know - it really can make a difference.


A good recruitment agency runs on clear, frequent communication and that's what we like from our candidates too. Someone who is responsive  and replies even if to say they're unavailable tells to us that the candidate understands the need for 2 way communication and cares about the working relationship. If someone goes quiet and doesn’t respond we have to assume that you are no longer available for work. We recommend that you keep in touch even if you have found a job elsewhere or are not available for a period of time - we can then keep your details up to date and even allow us to ensure we offer you the most suitable opportunities. Stand out from the crowd and show us that you are keen to work and avoid being passive if at all possible.