Why Temp?


Katie Landon Temporary, Advice

Circumstances can change quickly; whether you are struggling to find that permanent opportunity or simply unable to commit to something long term, the temporary route may just be the option. Temporary work or 'freelancing' is typically defined as a or a person who is engaged in a short or specific fixed term contract and such can be found across the majority of job sectors. 

So what are the benefits?

  • Flexibility - as daunting as it may be to not having a fixed role, you're able to choose how long you wish to work for. 
  • Accessibility to new skills and experience that you may not receive in a long-term role
  • Learn a new industry - sectors can vary drastically and temping can expose you to a whole new division that may be more suitable
  • Further opportunities - although it's not guaranteed, assignments have been known to become permanent
  • You're still protected - candidates are still entitled to holiday and regular pay as well as the same working conditions
  • Weekly pay - our temps are paid every Friday (TGIF)
Companies can look for candidates on a temporary basis for a variety of reasons:
  • Increased busy periods/seasons
  • Oversee a particular project
  • To help cover holiday, sickness or extended periods of leave
  • Evaluate a candidate's fit/performance before being offered a permanent contract
Like permanent opportunities, temporary can also be based on a variety of hours/shift patterns including full-time and part-time. Therefore, there could just be a potential position for your availability.
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