Are you a passive candidate?


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Are you a passive candidate?

The recruitment industry is changing and the quality candidate pool is shrinking. The majority of those seeking employment are known as passive candidates; skilled workers who aren’t necessarily easy to find and recruit.

From a consultant’s perspective, there are candidates seeking employment, but don’t actively follow up their applications or call when required. Therefore, could also be missing out on opportunities to those quicker off the mark, chasing feedback on their applications. Putting a voice to your application improves the likelihood of an interview greatly as it demonstrates keenness and assertiveness and you may just put yourself ahead of someone with greater experience.

We understand time is quite often of the essence, or circumstances can’t always allow, but it’s particularly more important for the ‘popular’ roles such as Receptionist/Administrator and Warehouse Operatives as we can see applications for these within the hundreds when there’s only one or a handful of vacancies. Quite often recruitment agencies will be given a role by the client and it may need to be filled imminently, so don’t let the opportunities pass you by. Even a simple email expressing further interest is a more active approach and highlights that you have taken time out of your day to do so. 

Do you often feel you’re better in person than on paper, or have you missed something off your CV? We frequently see applicants submitting an out of date, unfinished CV, therefore increasing the chances of being overlooked - recruiters are busy and don't necessarily have the time to call every applicant to ensure all details are correct. Give the employer a call to discuss your attributes further – it might not necessarily guarantee the progression of your application, but you certainly improve your chances of being on their radar for alternative roles.

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