About Us


​Where we started…

We first opened our doors in 1974 as a recruitment agency supplying temporary industrial workers and drivers in and around Liverpool.  Being good at what we do, we soon found ourselves being asked for help in supplying staff into a variety of other industries.

Since then we have been adding to our speciality sectors to include Call Centre, Catering & Hospitality, Finance and Office Support.

The 80's welcomed expansion into the Wirral and through our office in Birkenhead we extended our services to the whole of Merseyside.

The 90’s saw us open a training centre in Liverpool to upskill workers in the latest packages (thanks Bill Gates) and our Commercial department was well and truly established. 

The 00’s and beyond - well, we like doing what we do and we like our clients too, so we were able to navigate the tricky financial crisis and are here to tell the tale.

Still Independent, still family run and still doing it our way.

Why choose us …

With over 44 years’ experience in the local market we have learnt what works and what doesn't. Our recruitment process has been refined to best meet the needs of both clients and candidates.

We understand the need for a flexible service that offers consistent quality and value for money; a service that is easy to use.

We believe that experience delivers excellence and this is what Workforce Recruitment Solutions offers both our clients and our candidates.